BookSmart™ – Software for Writers

BookSmart™ is the smartest way to write!
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Basic Features

  • Easy to use, distraction-free, Manuscript Editor
  • Project Manager
  • Chapter Organizer
  • Media Organizer for photos and snippets
  • Character Organizer
  • Powerful Writing Style Analyzer
  • Integrated Notepad
  • Automatic saving and backups

BookSmart™ is smart enough to know that an “electric engine” should be an “electric motor”

Get Instant style and writing advice:

  • Detect “filter words”, ie thought-words that stifle action
  • Find Cliches
  • Weak Verbs
  • Analyze sentiment and mood, with visualization
  • and much more…

Inspiration at your fingertips:

  • Searchable 22,000 Phrase PhraseBook
  • Quickly search classic books for words and phrases
  • Thesaurus, with many suggestions
  • Deep Spell Dictionary – finds all your spelling mistakes at once, no distractions!
  • AI Text Synthesizer creates new sentences from classic books or your own, to create interesting and sometimes wacky new ideas

Publishing your manuscript is easy

Export your manuscript in Standard Manuscript Format. Formats include DOCX and TXT.
Your synopsis is automatically exported.
Documents are ready to send to your agent, or publisher!

Advanced Features (Paid version only)

Export to PDF

Also import the text from a pdf into your manuscript

Text To Speech

Read out your writing using your computer’s built-in Text To Speech engine.

Auto Dictation

Transcribe text with your mic using your computer’s built-in Dictation engine.

Code Merge

Create Personalized, customized books with ease.
For example, write “Dear {PERSON1}, how are things in {PLACE1}?”
and when you publish BookSmart will replace the codes with text, from multiple text sets.

Sentiment Analyzer

The sentiment analyzer shows you where the strong words occur, and scores your manuscript overall. Useful for comparing your work to classic books and best-sellers!

Text Synth

This groundbreaking technology can generate sentences from your existing writing or from classic novels, giving you insight into new phrases, creating inspirational phrases from existing books, or any number of uses.
While the text may seem pseudo-nonsense, tweaking the slider and selecting different books can sometimes yield interesting or profound results!

Immersive ASMR Experience

High Quality Typewriter sounds for an immersive writing experience. There’s nothing like the sound of a typewriter to keep you company while you write, and BookSmart’s professionally recorded sounds are a feature favorite.

And many more features to explore


Download Free BETA Version (WINDOWS)

Download the BookSmartInstaller.msi file and double click it to begin installation. Follow the basic instructions and find the BookSmart icon in your start menu.

Any problems? Please contact

Coming soon in VERSION 2:

Multiple Columns
Dialogue mistake finder
HTML Import/Export
Split on RegEx
Color-coded text source and stylesheet editors for advanced formatting.