The Demi-Elf’s Quest – Christopher Williams – EBook


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An unfair exile turns into an unplanned adventure.

When a mysterious curse grips the small village of Suthmere, young Atherol Ryfarthing the demi-Elf is forced to find answers. Partnering with Decius, an eccentric, absent-minded and incompetent wizard, Atherol finds himself flung into an amazing journey taking him across the realm of Endronnia. Along the way, however, unplanned encounters with less-than-friendly wild monsters prove that the duo’s adventure is not without peril. And when discoveries are made with links to the ancient past, Atherol and Decius realise that there may be more than their own safety – and that of Suthmere – at stake.

A charming, thrilling adventure set in the magical world of Anaskar, filled with fantastic creatures and captivating lore.


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