Preparing a manuscript for publication is a lengthy and often frustrating experience.
Swann Books makes it easy by doing all the hard work for you.

Why choose Swann Books?
We are a collective of authors who help each other publish and write better. We also edit manuscripts and manufacture printed books.

Swann Books prepares manuscripts for publication, arranges ISBN codes, and puts your book in online stores like Apple iStore, Barnes & Nobel,, and more.
We also offer GREAT prices on your printed book with no minimum order.

How to submit your fiction manuscript for consideration:
Send us 2 or more chapters of your novel.
You do not need to have a completed manuscript ready.
Please include a brief synopsis of your book, as well as a short note about you as a writer.

When sending info to Swann, please don’t worry too much about correct formatting, etc. We’re smart enough to figure it out.
We’ll send you feedback within 7 days stating whether or not we will publish your book. Do use the ‘read receipt’ function on your email client to make sure we have received your mail.
If we decide not to publish your book we will tell you the reason, but never worry, you can resubmit after 30 days.

publish [at]


Q: How much will it cost me to publish my book?

A: Nothing. Swann covers all costs to publish a completed manuscript. We usually start with online sales to gauge retail sales. Should your book require extensive editing by us there is an editing fee justified by an extract from your writing, however you are welcome to have your work edited by an independent editor.

Q: How much will I get?
A: You get 80% of the nett profit.
These numbers are negotiable based on the popularity of your book.

Q: How long before I get an answer about a manuscript?
A: No more than 7 days. If you don’t receive an answer do let us know.

Q: Can I resubmit if my manuscript is not published?
A: Yes. You can resubmit a manuscript once a month. We welcome resubmissions.

Q: What style of writing do you prefer?

A: We use Strunk & White’s “Elements of style” as our guide.
We favour contemporary fiction with active voice and “show, don’t tell” sensibilities, but this is not a strict rule. If your writing style is weird, but the weirdness adds to the story, that’s great, but rather err on the side of S&W.

Q: Can I publish Sci-Fi and Fantasy with Swann Books?
Absolutely. We will also welcome dystopian thrillers, psychological horror
, and some adult books.
However, avoid using other writers’ lore, such as Elves, Vampires, etc, as these may infringe on existing copyrights just like writing a Star Trek novel would. Publishers usually avoid these existing lore-based tales because the legal work required to clear a book of copyright worries can take years. Tolkien’s universe has not expired, and while fan-fiction of the universe (that he himself based on Beowulf) is enjoyable to read, it is not easy to sell. Rather create fresh, new archetypes. Writing about elves who are masters at archery may get you in hot water with Tolkien’s Estate.

Q: Can I contact you with an idea if I don’t have a manuscript?
A: Yes, please do, but we can’t tell you if we will publish your manuscript until we get a sample of your writing.

Q: Can I submit my manuscript to other publishers?
A: Absolutely. Swann’s contracts are usually non-exclusive. This keeps us motivated to be your best choice.

Q: Can I publish a short story or poetry?
A: Yes! It will be bundled in an anthology by similar writers (though it may take some time to accumulate enough content for one book)

Q: Do you have any tips for writers?
A: Yes!  10 Top Tips For Writers

Q: How Long Must My Book Be?
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If you have any questions, just ask. We’re a friendly bunch who love writing, writers, and all things inbetween.

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