What to do after you publish your book

Booting up a new book is always hard, but rewarding work.

You’ve written a great book. You’ve edited the manuscript, had it formatted and prepared for print. Your friends are eager to see you again after disappearing for a year into your study.

Your book is available in online and physical stores. Now what?

You want, no, need people to read your book. You have something important to say, and it’s right there in the book.

Once your book is available, it’s time to start shouting about it. You’ve spent months, if not years of work on your manuscript; it’s worth something.  But don’t sit back and wait for the world come to you, you need to go after it. Commit to 1 year of promoting yourself after you publish. One post a day, one tweet, or one shout-out on Facebook that leads to your book. Just one a day. After one year you will have 365 pieces of promotional material that others can build on.

What Swann Books does.
When we publish an author, we build on the momentum that the author creates. If there is no social momentum yet, we will get the ball rolling with ads and shout-outs. It’s important to feed the momentum to help it grow. Link to it, shout it out from your own outlets. This creates synergy and let’s the audience know who you are. Every book that sells helps us promote more of your books.
Once the momentum starts (this can take some time), we begin contacting news agencies and book outlets, letting them know about your book. You can help too. Go to your local bookstore and ask if they have your book in stock. If not, why not?
We make press releases and arrange samples to be sent to outlets.

Remember, make one promotional post a day, and have a great time enjoying the fruits of your labor.